Himtech 2003. Manufacture of rubber products and components

Rubber tiles

The plates are used to secure the playgrounds. They are one of the safest existing surfaces. Resistant to abrasion and slipping, they are extremely enduring and profitable. It can be placed on open grounds (they are not influenced by external climatic conditions). Rubber tiles are easily maintained and environmentally friendly. They are available in 24 colors with the possibility of making interesting graphics.

The rubber plate consists of two layers:
- lower – rubber granules of old tires;
- top layer – ethylene-propylene rubber EPDM in different colors. The coloring takes place during the process of granulation, which guarantees the preservation of the colors.

According to the European standard EN 1177, we manufacture rubber plates 50x50x2 cm (they protect the children from injuries in a fall from a height of 60 cm) and 50x50x4 cm (protesting children from injuries in a fall from a height of 130 cm).

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