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Low-freezing wiper liquid

The Wiper liquid is a low-freezing fluid formulated on the basis of methanol, stabilizing additives and corrosion inhibitors. The offered cuts which the company provides have been 0.920l, 1l, 5l and 10l. It is a concentrate which allows diluting with plain water in the following proportions:

Indicators Norm Test methods
1 Appearance Transparent liquid Visual
2 Color Blue (standard) Visual
3 Density at 20 °С, g/cm³ 1,79 BDS 10126-82

Temperature of onset of crystallization,

°С, Low-freezing wiper liquid, diluted 1:0,5

in the content with distilled water, not higher than

-30 BDS 10126-82
5 pH in distilled water at a dilution of 1:2 7,0 – 8,5 BDS 10126-82
6 Alkalescence, cm³, not lower than 8 BDS 10126-82
7 Resistance to hard water Withstand BDS 10126-82

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